GoPro 6 Black VS YI 4k+ which is the best action camera?

One of the most famous action camera manufacturers GoPro released its new model GoPro Hero 6 Black action camera at the end of September 2017. GoPro has always caught a lot of attention and brought news in the action cameras sector, do today too?

gopro Hero6 Black vs yi 4k+

4k resolution on GoPro 6 black and YI 4k+

As one of the main news GoPro hero 6 black is 60 frames per second in a resolution of 4k. Is this a novelty in action cameras?

No, in fact, at the beginning of 2017, one of the best action camera manufacturers (from the East) Yi introduced it’s 4k + action camera with 60 frames per second at resolution 4k.

Moving down through the resolutions 1080p, or FullHD resolutions, here the Yi 4K+ matches the GoPro Hero 5 Black with 120fps, and that is impressive. But it looks like the GoPro Hero6 Black’s new GP1 processor made in-house by GoPro is really raising the stakes and taking the frame rate ofthe GoPro Hero6 Black to 240fps.

This means that for every one second of footage filmed you can create 8 seconds of ultra-smooth, slow-motion playback. That’s double what the Yi 4K+ can produce. This has its price really GoPro is just over $ 500 while you can buy a 4k + action camera for about $ 300, that you will admit that there is not a slight difference in price?

Touch screen on GoPro 6 black and YI 4k+

Touch screen, as it just makes navigating around all those settings so much easier. Both the GoPro and the Yi have decent-sized screens, with the Yi 4K+ offering just a slightly larger screen at 2.2in, compared with the GoPro Hero6 Black’s 2in screen.

When it comes to function, however, you do have to consider that once the Yi 4K+ is popped inside a waterproof housing you’ll no longer have access to the touch screen, whereas the GoPro’s touch screen still functions with the skeleton cage fitted.

Maximum supported memory capacity at GoPro 6 is 128 GB while at YI 4k+ is 64 GB.

gopro Hero6 Black vs yi 4k+

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