YI 4K Action Camera

YI 4K Action Camera, as the YI Company says:”The best action camera ever.” YI 4K Action Camera has the professional quality with 4k video. Made only for your enjoyment in the moments! Capture them in great quality and make them last forever!

xiaomi-YI 4K Action Camera

It provides maximum fidelity, versatility and is very easy to use. It shoots 4K 30fps and 12MP images. YI 4K has a big touchscreen and wide-angle lens. The regular camera users often compare it to a GoPro Hero 5 Black, telling that it has the same features, but the YI 4K Action Camera has a way lowest price. You can expect much smoother footage even when shooting at the highest resolution. There is also a shooting for slow-motion footage and electronic image stabilization. The primary way of interacting with your YI 4K Action Camera is that big touchscreen we mentioned. It’s easy to use and the menu is identical to the previous YI Action Cameras, so you won’t get any problems realizing how to use it.

You can see the difference between Xiaomi Yi action camera and Xiaomi Yi 4k action camera


  • great image quality;
  • long battery life;
  • quality and wide touchscreen display;
  • super-reliable Wi-Fi connectivity;
  • electronic image stabilization up to 4K/30;
  • easy to use controls;
  • reliable apps controls;
  • light-weighted.

People using this camera can approve that all of the features above are totally correct. There are only a few people who will review it as not good as others, but they expected a built-in waterproofing and similar features, which you can add or buy after, and it will cost you less than to buy some other camera which has all of those additional features and apps included.

So, let us look at the cons.


  • no mounts included;
  • no waterproof case included;
  • lack of included mounts;
  • voice controls unreliable.

YI 4K Action Camera WhiteIt is important to mention that it has a quick Wi-Fi connector which is easy and reliable. There are also free apps which you can download that allow you to control the camera from your phone (Android, IOS). You can then transfer images and videos across to your phone for social sharing if you prefer. It may be very useful if you need to shoot from afar, or perhaps from an awkward angle.

It is also simple to move between the different modes while scrolling through images in playback is also a pretty swift. Yi 4k action camera come in three colors, and these are white black and pink depending on your wishes 🙂

All in all, it is also good to know that YI Company offers a one-year limited warranty that covers the standard defects that may arise from materials or workmanship. Also, a 30-day money back guarantees. So, why wouldn’t you try it? If the YI is that confident about their YI 4K Action Camera, perhaps it’s not without the good reasons.


Everyone loves 4K video! The video is a lot crisper than 1080p footage. That makes this camera compelling for anyone looking to capture action footage.

So, if you want to save a few bucks having the same quality camera as are the cheaper ones, you should definitely go with the YI 4K Action Camera!

YI 4K Action Camera

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