YI Action Camera

Let us introduce you YI Action Camera Full HD 1080p videos, and 16 MP photos (maybe you will find the name Xiaomi YI for this camera, because it’s a distributor of Xiaomi Company). No matter the size, the camera is as powerful as the big once.

If you go on with a YI Action Camera, you can be a photographer, a director or an editor. It’s lightweight and gots powerful features which will blow your mind. It also contains the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. YI Action Camera allows you to stream live footage and edit videos and photos, which you can instantly share on your phone.

yi action

The tech world and people interested in cameras were really going crazy about this great one. It was released in 2015. Users described it at first as a Go Pro Killer. It is also cheap, so everyone can afford it (shop xiaomi yi action camera on this link).But, to be honest, you won’t find a camera with better features and video and photo quality for this price. It has a removable battery, too.

But, to be honest, you won’t find a camera with better features and video and photo quality for this price. It has a removable battery, too.


  • great video quality;
  • easy to use the app;
  • extensive video options;
  • low price;
  • lightweight;
  • comes in various colors (black and white)

xiaomi yi action cameraPeople who own this great cam say that they can use it in different situations and that it’s very flexible. Because of the host of the accessories and mounts (shop accessories and mounts for yi camera) , it can let you shoot at increasingly adventurous situations – and who would like not to have those situations kept in photos as memories?

There are, of course, customers who are not satisfied with YI Action Camera, but their comments are mostly based on the predictions. They use it, they say it’s great, but something has to be wrong because it is from China and cheap? No matter what, you cannot please everyone, we heard what did the experts say. Let’s look at the cons.


The thing people are most afraid about is that it is a Chinese camera. People who are well known with cameras highly recommend this one and suggest people should not be afraid of the state it’s made in. Everyone says that this cam is the almost only Chinese camera that impressed them so far.

When it comes to video options, it is comparable to GoPro Hero4. When it comes to cons users mentioned, it is true that it doesn’t come with extras, such as waterproof housing, memory card, and mounts. Yes, they need to be purchased separately. But, even purchased separately, those extras with both camera will cost you under the price of some other cam with the same quality. So, it’s a good thing to keep that in mind.

YI Action Camera has a very simple design, a small box with a 155-degree angle of view lens. The Wi-Fi button is placed on the side. Direct controls on the camera are the shutter button (to start and stop recording), a Mode button to switch on and off and between stills and videos. The setup and connection to the Wi-Fi is incredibly easy (initial passwork for WiFi is 1234567890).

The video quality is where it really stands out – well-balanced colors and no over-saturation and excess contrast, which is a common issue, you may agree.


So, let’s make a summary! This a great, cheap and high-quality video and photo camera, including Wi-Fi option. Incredibly easy to use, pocket sized and an ideal companion that can be used to capture quick lifestyle shots. YI Action Camera is great for everyone who wants a personal video/stills camera.

Example image with Yi action camera

yi action camera

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