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You probably came by a lot of times in your life at someone who uses YI cameras. Or at least, you saw their reviews somewhere, photos or videos that are made or maybe car journey videos. Let us introduce you YI company, who are they, where are they located, what cameras do they offer, what people think about their company and quality of products and so on.

YI cameras

YI-the leading provider of intelligence video, imaging, and advanced and high-quality computer vision technologies! YI started with an inspiration by a bold vision of future powered by intelligent and widespread video technology. Their high-quality cameras and computer vision service everywhere will make people’s life richer, more fun, and the most important of all-safer! They are so passionate about their work, as they always tend to make and innovate the best cameras and computer vision services useful to every age, from even kids to people with high-professional needs. They have a huge and growing range of offerings, which can satisfy everyone needs. The YI Company always follows the set of values and standards which are combined with the latest and greatest technology discoveries and needs, covered with an amazing design and if of great value-but for an affordable price. Can it be better? I can hardly say. Their motto is that people should-see everything!

Trusted company with great service that you can always rely on. When you read about the YI Company, you can always find someone saying:”The compact size of YI is amazing! You can take whenever you need or go, or you can place it anywhere in the house!”

yi accessible and adaptableTheir cameras and computer services are accessible and adaptable. The video quality is something that really stands out. All of their products are so easy to use, as we said it has a wide range of users-from children, to the car or other vehicle drivers, to computer professionals or photographers.

One mom described YI with these words:”Oh, I am so blessed that I can see now what is going on at home. I am impressed how the alerts allow me to see it immediately! I am much calmer now!”

There are many popular cameras from YI company, and we will list some of them because it’s even impossible to count all of their products, as they are always working on something new and improving their quality. That is what dedicated company does!

For an example, they now announced upcoming VR180 Camera with Google. Before this one, they launched a great and well known YI HALO at NAB also this year. This is a next generation virtual reality! Simply said-a camera built with Google’s Jump Technology.

If you’re in a search for the camera that is considered to be for every user-they have YI 360 VR. It is an high-end and live VR.

Besides those two examples, there are much more: YI 4K+ Action Camera, 4K/60fps Action Camera, New Action Camera for Virtual Reality, Dome Camera, Mirrorless Camera and so on. You can shop their great products and offers here!

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If you are looking to fulfil your life with more entertainment, or to save the best moments of your existence, here is your dream come true! Or are you maybe looking for a safety computer service for your home? Are you a mom? Are you a skater, biker or passionate car driver? Maybe a dad who works a lot away from home and misses his kids? Don’t let the life goes beside you. The YI can help you to entertain your life, to save the best memories, to share your journey with your loved ones, and to stay safe!

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